A little bit about me and my birds.My name is Suleyman Altintas and I was born in Eskisehir Turkey and I have a passion for Pigeons since I was 12 years old.My father gave my first pigeon to me as gift,and ever since I was captured by the beauty of these birds.for some people pigeons are just some ordinary birds that fly around public places for me and many pigeon lovers who rise,sell and buy as a hobby or profession,pigeons can be a life's passion. I now live in New York and still continue with my hobby with pigeons I brought them with me.

All of my pigeon are from turkey breeds and I do not mix them with any other birds.They are all very good tumblers and flying birds.I like to keep my birds healthy by keeping their coop clean.

All pigeon lovers agree that their wives and their children are jealous of their passion for birds.and maybe be because when I spend time with my pigeons,all my stress goes away and relax.

Suleyman Altintas.